Our Services


  • Develop an innovative or creative ideas to a commercializable product and/or services
  • Prepares a realistic preliminary business plan
  • Establishes a company


  • Seeks additional financing
  • Formulates a deployment strategy for products and/or services
  • Market Study
  • Promote Adaptations

Intellectual Property Rights

Equipped in conducting patent search, patent drafting and patent prosecution. UP Cebu ITSO help increase the IP creation, protection and commercialization in the local community.

Technology Transfer and Commercialization

Is the process of transferring skills, knowledge, technologies etc. The technology transfer office may work on behalf of research institutions, governments and even large multinationals where statups and spin-outs are the clients. Commercial fees are sometimes waived in lieu of an equity stake in the business.


  • Business Planning
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Financial Planning
  • Project Management
  • Technology Transfer and Commercialization
  • Legal/Intellectual Property Rights
  • Development of Prototype of Product and/or Services

Business Development

  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Business and Technical Consultations
  • Business Linkages / Business Matching
  • Business Registration
Do you have ideas for I.T. related business or do you want protection for intellectual property?
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UPCeBuinIT helped us in so many ways on how to build, sustain and grow our little startup. They are always ready to help us, in any way they can when it comes to our needs, from operations related to expanding our network.  Without UPCeBuinIT, we will never experienced, learn, and grow as a real business in a short span of time with only limited resources.

Edison Quiñones,  Janessa Velez

Edison Quiñones, Janessa Velez

Founders @ Nambal.com

UP CeBuinIT is very helpful for aspiring entrepreneurs like us. They have provided us the foundation and environment to meet like-minded people who all want to learn more about startups and technopreneurship. We highly recommend to anyone who wants to be a technopreneur to be part of UP CeBuinIT.

Ademar Tutor, Honeylyn Balingcasag

Ademar Tutor, Honeylyn Balingcasag

Founders @ CodeToki



UPC Receives UN-ITU Membership Invite

(Report by Denzel Yorong, Public Information Office) THE University of the Philippines Cebu (UPC) received an invitation to be an academe member of the United Nations’ International Telecommunication Union (UN-ITU) […]

5th Startup Weekend Winners

No talk all actions, launch your startup in 54hrs

University of the Philippines Cebu (UP Cebu) together with UP Cebu Business Incubator for IT (UPCeBuinIT) hosted as the official venue of the 5th Startup Weekend in Cebu City last  […]


Startup brings 3D printing to Cebu

THREE-dimensional or 3D printing is now in Cebu. 3D printing produces solid objects out of computer designs. 3DFIED, a product development service provider, brings to life any computer-aided design into […]


Virtual Locators
Intellectual Property Clients Served
Trainings Conducted

A Message from the Dean of UP Cebu

Atty. Liza D. Corro
The University of the Philippines Cebu is the first among the units in the UP System to have its Technology Transfer Business Development Office or TTBDO to be created and approved by the UP Board of Regents in 2014. Under the TTBDO will be 2 important offices to support both business development and technology transfer, as well as the intellectual property rights protection. These are the Technology Business Incubation or TBI and the Innovation Technology Support Office or ITSO. UP CEBU–DOST Technology Business Incubation (TBI) facility, originally called “CEBUinIT”, had recently been renamed to UPCEBUinIT. This is to immediately reflect that this is a university initiated program of UP Cebu, in collaboration with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). UPCEBUinIT is now going into its 6th year of operation, since it operationalized in UP Cebu, Lahug Campus, in December 2009. Aside from the change of name, UPCEBUinIT now has 2 locations, with the additional office in UP Cebu’s new campus in the UP Professional Schools in the South Road Properties (UPPS-SRP), Cebu City. For a strong collaboration and support, the Innovation Technology and Support Office (ITSO) in UP Cebu had been strengthened with the provision of required logistics, which include necessary software to ensure protection to Intellectual Property Rights for ideas generated by the start-up locators and incubatees of UPCEBUinIT. Services of UP Cebu’s licensed Patent Agents who passed the Patent Agent Qualifying Exam (PAQE) are not just limited to UPCEBUinIT’s locators. Their services can also be availed of by anyone, who wants to protect their intellectual property right, be it a copyright, a patent or a trademark. Lately, the support for, and appreciation on the objective of UPCEBUinIT is gaining grounds beyond UP Cebu and DOST. Its reach now extends to different government agencies, which includes, to name a few, the local government through the Province of Cebu, and the regional office of the Department of Trade and Industry, as well as from the Cebu Chamber of Commerce, and the different private companies, who in one way or another, had extended their assistance to UPCEBUinIT. This truly reflects also the changing economic landscape in Cebu, and its heightened consciousness to support the entrepreneurial spirit, hence the visible support. Although networking and seed funding support for UPCEBUinIT locators, are still areas wherein this university-run TBI, needs to strengthen itself, and could never get enough of yet, as of now. In its 5 years or more of existence, UPCEBUinIT has more or less incubated almost 70 locators, with varying nature of business organizations, either through a proprietorship, cooperative, partnership or a corporation. The facility always had a 100% occupancy rate, and with its would be locators queuing to avail of the facility’s services. We have our share of success stories among our locators, as well as stories of closures and disbanded groups. But what is important, is that through the facility, the business start-ups’ success rate is heightened, and their chances of failing are minimized. And if they are bound to fail, the locators are guided to be able to detect it the earliest, so as to cut their losses short. Here in UPCEBUinIT, we encourage innovation and technopreneurship. With us, a tech start-up company is assisted to work its way to a higher rate of success in its operations, and be able to compete with an edge in the market!